Battle for the Ring VIII: Civil War
January 14 – 18, 2016

Prado Regional Park
16700 S Euclid Ave, Chino, CA 91708

Following the Battle of Mount Doom and the defeat of the great Warlords of Middle Earth—Torn, Durzo, Acorn, Melee Moses, and Taco—General Shatosen and his Norcalian army returned to their lands victorious. They had successfully retrieved the Ring of Power and vowed to keep it safeguarded. Locked away from those who would seek to abuse its power and bring chaos back to Middle Earth. For his deeds of courage, strength, and cunning, General Shatosen was knighted by the great Sir Par Mertyns, Lord of Mistwood, to become the Third Knight of the Western Flame. The Norcalian Army had demonstrated great skill and loyalty, and all swore an oath to be the protectors of the realm and safeguard the Ring of Power, so that it may never fall into the wrong hands again.

It would seem as though Middle Earth was, for the first time in many years, going through a period of peace and prosperity. All was well. Kingdoms were thriving. Wars were not fought. Shatosen had even developed a civil, if not friendly, relationship with the large population of Monsters throughout Middle Earth. Shatosen, willing to go to any length to maintain the peace in his lands, even appointed a Goblin Shaman by the name of Kord, to be one of his trusted advisors in the governance of Norcalia and all of Middle Earth.

Shatosen, eager to foster acceptance and peaceful coexistence of the Monster community, devised a plan to naturalize the Monsters of Middle earth as citizens. He envisioned that someday, despite their different colored skin, odd mannerisms, furry and slimy bodies, sharp teeth, that the Monsters could be fully assimilated into Middle Earth as equal citizens. Some of Shatosen’s advisors did not share his optimism for Monster assimilation. Even Kord, who had grown to be his friend and most trusted advisor, was wary to try and erase the differences between humans and Monsterdom. Kord, although loyal to Shatosen and Norcalia, was above all a proud Monster with a vast appreciation for all of Monster culture. It was also rumored that Shatosen, in an extreme slight to Kord, stole his marshmallows following a heated debate about the Monster Registration and Assimilation Act of Norcalia. Thus began their conflict.

With Kord no longer working alongside Shatosen, advocating for Monsterdom, Shatosen gave way to one of his less-than-friendly-towards-Monsters advisors, Squire Torix, and issued the decree that all Monsters must register with the Norcalian government, renounce their Monster names and religions, and accept a new, Tolkien name and live by the strict rules and standards of humanity. Kord and the monsters, infuriated by the attempt of the Norcalian regime to oppress them and their culture, declared war against Norcalia. And thus began the Monster Uprising…

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