Battle for the Ring X

You Asked For It (aka Medieval Mashup)

January 11th (Thursday) 12PM - January 15th (Monday) 12PM


The primary goal of Battle for the Ring is to provide an intense and excellent fighting and social experience to our experienced and returning fighters. At the same time, we hope to use Battle for the Ring to introduce new fighters who have never been to a national event, as well as cross-sport fighters who are interested in our method of play, to the national Belegarth community. We are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and educational experience for new fighters, fostering unity and good relations across sports, and ultimately creating a friendly, mutually supportive community through which the sport of Medieval Combat can grow in strength, popularity, and fame.

Event Info


$40 Preregistration by December 1st. $50 at the door; includes camping for 4 days, feast on Saturday, games, activities, fighting, dessert night Sunday, and Breakfast for early-bird volunteers Saturday. Pre-register either through Paypal to or send a check to "Ana Nagel" 140 South Jeanine Way Anaheim, CA 92806.

Children under 14 are admitted free with signed waiver and guardians MUST remain on site with them at all times. They cannot participate in official combat activities.

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Camps sites open at 12:00PM on Thursday, January 11th. Check out is by 12:00PM Monday, January 15th. You may not arrive early. This camping guide by Matthew 'Winter' DiSabatino of Andor is a good resource for anyone new to BFTR.

This site features indoor toilets, working hot showers, and a washer/dryer for clothes (shower and washer/dryer require quarters, also available at check-in desk).


Official heralded fighting all day Friday, all day Saturday, all day Sunday. Unofficial fighting Thursday and at night. We will feature massive field battles, theme battles, tournaments with prizes, and etc. Weapon's safety check required for all equipment. Loaner equipment available.

What to Expect

Everything you need to know about the biggest western Belegarth event!

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BFTR X will feature a nightly Dragon's Inn, an indoor Game Room featuring board games, collectible card games (especially MTG), tabletop RPGs, and the like. If you have any decks, boardgames, or one-shots you'd like to run, bring them along. There will also be tournaments, the Bel Bowl, campfire drumming and dancing, and more fun.


For vendor Information, please email We require permits from the City of Chino, but are eager to help you by giving you the forms and contact information you need. There is a lot of vendor-specific information, so please contact us and we can send you the details on fees, reserving sites with utilities, reserving vendor camp space for personal and business areas, as well as information on our attendee demographics.


The event is run by people like you! We appreciate your service. Please check back in the next few weeks for information on how to volunteer!

We need people of intelligence on this sort of mission... quest... thing... We have Aragorn's sword, Legolas' bow, Gimli's axe, Gandalf's staff, and Boromir's bullseye-painted chest, and we have some Hobbits to bear the ring... but do we have your time? Your dedication? Your love of Battle for the Ring? Will you #JOINTHEFELLOWSHIP?

This Year's Schedule:

Head Event Coordinators

Sir Anastasia

Anastasia Nagel founded BftR as a day event at UC Irvine with Brian Marion in 2009 and the event is basically a continuation of Wedageddon, their medieval fighting and camping wedding event. Ana is effectively the CEO of BftR and is relatively knowledgeable about most things happening at the event or at least all of the objects involved with it.

Ana mostly spends her free time collecting "impressive" titles as a hobby, among her favorites in the collection are: Sir Anastasia of Chamonix, Knight of the Western Flame, Empress of the Anduril Empire, and current President of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

Darth CheeseHeart

Darth Cheeseheart-Sith Lord in the Medieval world of Belegarth, and a man of many titles. Darth Cheeseheart, also a knight, hails from the realm of Stronghold of the Anduril Empire. He is the leader of the Sith Empire, a group of black-and-silver-clad warriors, artisans, and servants of the community. Cheeseheart has been with Battle for the Ring since its inception as a day event at the University of California, Irvine, and has served as the BftR's Fighting Coordinator and an Event Coordinator since the third installment. He is responsible for creating and executing the "theme" of the event each year through pre-event publicity, back-story creation, and thematically-appropriate scenario battles. He is also the founder of the Bel Bowl, BftR's 10-Man Aztec Football tournament. Darth Cheeseheart's one goal is to create a truly unique fighting experience, for Belegrim old and new, each and every year of the event.

Squire Torix

Sir Torix has been a part of BftR event staff since BftR IV, and has been serving the event for longer. He has held many positions including Volunteer Coordinator, Assistant Event coordinator, and is currently BftR's Web Admin. In addition to helping run BftR, Torix is also a realm leader and founder of Saracor in Northern California. He has helped to create (and continues to improve) open dialogue in Belegarth and other foam fighting sports about public safety in both combat and non-combat related matters. Most recently, Torix helped publish the results and writeup of a public health and safety survey that was run in foam fighting sports, and helped improve and pass rules updates for usage of crossbows in Belegarth. Torix also runs Phoenix Rising, a super awesome camping event held in late April.